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Justin Ruths, PhD

Associate Professor
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Justin Ruths is an associate professor in the departments of Mechanical Engineering and Systems Engineering at UT Dallas. Before that, Justin was an assistant professor and founding faculty member of Engineering Systems Design at the Singapore University of Technology and Design from 2011-2016. He enjoys building things and understanding how things work. This has led him to the seemingly incongruous situation of building self-driving cars at work and maintaining a 1978 Chevy truck and 1962 Ford Bronco at home. Recently he has been enchanted by the expressiveness of zonotope set-based methods and the beauty of their linear algebra interpretations. Topics of security, networks, system dynamics, and neuroscience continue to be areas of ongoing interest and work.

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Jonas Wagner

Research Assistant
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Jonas Wagner is currently a Research Assistant and PhD student in the Applied Systems Lab withing the Mechanical Engineering department at The University of Texas at Dallas. Perviously, Jonas received their BS in both Engineering Physics and Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin - Platteville (along with a minor in Math). Jonas enjoys teaching and is one of the Jonsson School’s inaugural Dean’s teaching fellows training to be an instructor of record. Currently, they also serves as a mentor for UTD’s EPICS (the undergraduate design program for local non-profit organizations); continuing the tradition of mentoring for the local FIRST robotics team while in undergrad. Jonas’s research has primarily focused on cyber-physical system security and the development of new set-based detection methods utilizing zonotope-based reachability analysis. In addition, Jonas has continued the Applied Systems Lab’s work with networks by expanding ICON to detect interconnections within systems with unmeasured states and non-linear dynamics.

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Justin Chen

Research Assistant

Hi! I am Justin, a PhD student in the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Texas At Dallas. I initially completed my BS in Mechnaical Engineering with a Minor in Computer Science at the University of Texas At Dallas. I enjoy learning new things and found that systems has a wide reach with other fields giving the ample opportunity to collaborate with scholars of different fields to learn from.


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